[QuickBooks] Preparing for the IMDA Demo

[QuickBooks] Preparing for the IMDA Demo

Once you've completed the CorpPass authorisation process, you can start sending and receiving invoices within the InvoiceNow network. IMDA will be scheduling a demo with you to ensure that your InvoiceNow solution works.

This guide helps you prepare for the demo and get accustomed to using LinkFor for sending and receiving invoices.

I. Add the Customer/Supplier UEN

IMDA will send you the procedure on how to send and receive InvoiceNow using their demo UENs.  Before doing the test, you first need to add the demo accounts as a customer and supplier in your QuickBooks contacts list.

IMPORTANT: The InvoiceNow network uses UEN for identifying a business or government agency. It is required to provide your customer or supplier UEN so that service providers, like LinkFor, will be able to deliver your invoices.

There are two ways to add your customer or supplier UEN:
Step 1 By adding the UEN to the Tax Info section of your customer or supplier information in QuickBooks. Visit this help page to learn how to add UEN in QuickBooks: Update your Customer/Supplier UEN in QuickBooks.

Step 2 By adding the UEN in the My Customers or My Suppliers pages in LinkFor.

a. In your LinkFor account, go to My Customers/My Suppliers page and click on the Synchronise Contacts button. Doing so will pull your updated contacts list form QuickBooks.

b. Find the customer or supplier you would like to update and click on the Add UEN button.

c. Add UEN form will pop up. Provide the number and click on the Add UEN button.

d. Once the UEN has been provided, LinkFor will identify whether your customer or supplier is InvoiceNow-ready or not. 
If they are InvoiceNow-ready, the eInvoicing-Ready column will indicate the status: Yes - Peppol e-invoicing Network. Enable button will appear. Clicking on this allows you to activate the InvoiceNow connection with the customer or supplier.

If they are not InvoiceNow-ready, just provide the email address and the Invite button will appear. Clicking on this will send an email invitation to your customer or supplier to participate in the InvoiceNow network via LinkFor.

II. Sending an invoice

Before sending your test invoice. Make sure that you that you have followed Step 2 - d in the section I. Always check that you have Enabled the eInvoicing connection with IMDA demo (customer) account.
To send a test invoice via the InvoiceNow network, just create your invoice as you normally would in your QuickBooks account and click Save.

Your invoice will sync into LinkFor, and LinkFor will take care of its delivery to the intended recipient. You can check your customer invoices or outgoing invoices in your My Invoices page in LinkFor.

III. Receiving an invoice

IMDA will let you know once they are ready to send you a test invoice. Before receiving the IMDA test invoice, make sure that you have added the IMDA demo supplier account in your QuickBooks and followed step 2 - d in section I. Always check that you have Enabled the eInvoicing connection with the IMDA test (supplier) account. 

LinkFor will deliver your supplier invoices directly to your accounting software. You can check your incoming invoices in your My Purchases page in LinkFor.

Need help?
If you have any questions, you can contact us through the live chat box at the bottom right-hand corner of our website or email us at support@linkfor.asia.
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