Why do you need to access all this data in Xero?

Why do you need to access all this data in Xero?

In the 2nd step of the signup process, after logging into your Xero, you'll be asked to "Allow Access" to Link4. 

Please be advised that: 
  1. Organisation Settings. We don't have the ability to make changes in any of your organisation settings. This refers to settings that Xero has allowed us to access, so we can deliver your invoices properly, for example, your account categories. Sample Scenario: You initially allocated the expense category "Gas" for your BOC invoices, but you want to change it to "Purchases" - this can't be done by your accounting software alone, you'll need to go to your Link4 account to change this. If you sent a request to us to change it for you, then the scenario falls under this term. 

  1. Attachment. Our system views and manages the attachments, to be specific, the PDF copies of your invoices. Our system needs to be able to view and manage these attachments in order for us to sync them to your invoices and email notifications.

  1. Business Transactions. This refers to your supplier (connected with Link4) purchases and credit notes. 

  1. Contacts. We need to be able to sync your contact, so we can identify your suppliers/customers - for example, you connected through BOC invitation, then we need to identify them as your supplier, if our system doesn't identify BOC as a supplier, we will no be able to deliver your invoices to your accounting software.   

Securing your data with different levels of protection has been one of our top priorities with Link4.  All the data received from you & your accounting software are encrypted to protect your personal and financial data. Our platform is protected with hardware firewalls and from DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks.  Link4 works closely with external experts to review and audit our software to ensure and confirm that Link4 is secure.  Also, your accounting software also has its own layer of security that protects your information.  When you connect Link4 to your accounting software, we only have access to your invoices (that are sent through Link4) and your contact data - nothing else. We just need to able to deliver invoices into your accounting software and this is all this access given to us. 

In addition, We have more than 3000 users now and we are an accredited Peppol Access Point in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. To be a certified Peppol Access Point, your organisation have to undergo strict compliance and process, so you can be sure that Link4 is safe and secure. 

If you need further support, you can contact us through live chat located at the bottom right corner of our website, or send us an email to support@link4.com.au.      

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