LinkFor User Onboarding

LinkFor User Onboarding

Signing Up with LinkFor

To start, go to the LinkFor website & click on the Sign Up button.

The LinkFor sign-up process involves 4 steps.

Step 1 Create an account. Fill in the form with your company details and click Continue.




Step 2 Activate your accounting software. You will be prompted to connect to your accounting software.

Step 2a Choose from the provided options or click on the I'm not using any of these option if you do not use any cloud accounting service. In this demo, we will connect to Xero.

Step 2b You will be redirected to your cloud accounting software's application authorisation page.

Log in, when required, and click Allow Access.

Step 3 Choose your settings. An optional configuration will ask you to personalise your sending and receiving operations. You may skip this step and personalise your settings later. Click Continue to go to the final step.


Step 4 Validate your Business. The KYC (Know Your Customer) process will require you to provide your business details, including your business registration number — UEN. Once verified, you will be registered for a PEPPOL Identity, so you can transact within the InvoiceNow network.

Please allow 24-48 hrs for us to complete the KYC process and your PEPPOL ID registration.

Enabling/Disabling your InvoiceNow Send/Receive Function

If you skip Step 3 of the Sign-Up process, you may still update your InvoiceNow send/receive function in your account settings.

Log in to your account and go to your Settings.
Head over to the e-invoicing Access Point tab and start updating your SEND/RECEIVE functions.

How to Receive InvoiceNow PDF Copies

You can enable the approval scheme of InvoiceNow & enable or disable the delivery of your InvoiceNow PDF copies.

Step 1 Just log in to LinkFor account and navigate to your Settings.

Step 2 From your Profile Account Settings, select the Settings tab, and go to the Approval tab.

The Approval Tab contains the following configurations:

Note: If your supplier didn't attach a PDF copy of the invoice through the InvoiceNow network, a PDF copy of your invoice will not be available in LinkFor.

  1. Receive PDF copies of invoices — Choose Yes if you want to receive PDF copies of your invoices. By enabling this, you will receive an email with a PDF copy of each invoice we process for you. You can also access the PDF copies in your LinkFor account.
  2. Approve PDF invoices — Choose Yes if you want to hold the PDF copies in LinkFor first in order for you to review and approve it before it gets sent to your accounting software.


Step 3 Finally, save your changes once your preferred settings are all set.

Matching New Supplier UEN

In LinkFor, we make sure that we only deliver invoices from the suppliers listed in your accounting software. When LinkFor recognises a supplier UEN that is not listed in your accounting software, your purchase invoice is put on hold.

A one-time action will be required to match or add the supplier to establish a connection with the unidentified UEN. Afterwards, LinkFor will process the invoices which may take up to 5 minutes before we deliver your invoices into your accounting software. Any invoices received after the action has been completed will be synchronised automatically.

To do this:

Step 1 Log in to your LinkFor account.

Step 2 (Optional) An alert will pop up indicating that an invoice has been received from a supplier that is not listed in your supplier's list. You may match the UEN from the list of existing suppliers, or you can add the supplier by clicking on the Click here link in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window.

You may click Close or Skip for Now if you want to do the pending action later.

Step 3 You may continue matching supplier UEN by navigating to your My Purchases page.

In your purchase invoices list, the pending action Select Supplier indicates that the invoice has not yet synced into your accounting software due to the unidentified UEN. 

Step 4 Click on Select Supplier and match the UEN from the list of existing suppliers as discussed in Step 2.

After processing your invoices, the status will change to Delivered through InvoiceNow.

Need help? Please email us at or use the Live Chat widget at the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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