Link4 User Onboarding

Link4 User Onboarding

Signing Up with Link4

To start, go to the LinkFor website & click on the Sign Up button.

The LinkFor sign-up process involves 4 steps.

Step 1 Create an account. Fill in the form with your company details and click Continue.




Step 2 Activate your accounting software. You will be prompted to connect to your accounting software.

Step 2a Choose from the provided options or click on the I'm not using any of these option if you do not use any cloud accounting service. In this demo, we will connect to Xero.

Step 2b You will be redirected to your cloud accounting software's application authorisation page.

Log in, when required, and click Allow Access.

Step 3 Choose your settings. An optional configuration will ask you to personalise your sending and receiving operations. You may skip this step and personalise your settings later. Click Continue to go to the final step.


Step 4 Validate your BusinessThe KYC (Know Your Customer) process will require you to provide your business details, including your business registration number — UEN. Once verified, you will be registered for a PEPPOL Identity, so you can transact within the InvoiceNow network.

Please allow 24-48 hrs for us to complete the KYC process and your PEPPOL ID registration.

Need help? Please email us at or use the Live Chat widget at the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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