How to send an e-invoice through Link4 using Xero

How to send an e-invoice through Link4 using Xero

Once Link4 and Xero integration is complete, you can send e-invoices to your customers by creating the invoice in your Xero as normal, no additional steps are required. 

Before sending e-invoices there are 2 points you need to remember:
1. Make sure that your contact is listed as a customer in Xero so they appear in your "My Customers" list in Link4. If the contact is not listed as a customer in Xero, please follow steps 2-4 on this help page to add them. 
2. Enable sending e-invoice to your customer by going to "My Customers" tab, then clicking the "Enable" button. If there's no ABN, the button will appear as "Add ABN"

Step 1:  
Login to your Xero software and create an invoice. Go to Business > Invoices 

or you can click the plus (+) sign, then click "Invoice". 

Step 2:  
Click "New Invoice"

Step 3: 
Enter the invoice details and click "Approve" once you're ready to send the invoice through Link4 Access Point. 

If you wish to check the status of the e-invoice in Link4, simply log in to your Link4 account and go to "My Invoices" tab. 

We're happy to help if you need further assistance. Send us an email to or use our live chat service located at the bottom right-hand side of our website. 

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