I'm not using any cloud accounting software, can I still use LinkFor?

I'm not using any cloud accounting software, can I still use LinkFor?

YES! With LinkFor InvoiceExpress, you can use LinkFor without the need of any accounting software. 

Please follow the steps below on how to connect with LinkFor InvoiceExpress: 

Step 1:     
Go to LinkFor website and login using your email address and password https://linkfor.asia/

Step 2:     
Enter your email address and password

Step 3:     
Once logged in, you will see the accounting selection page, click "I'm not using any of these".

Step 4:
Lastly, click on "LinkFor InvoiceExpress" 

After step 4, you will then see your Dashboard, and you can start adding your customers and/or suppliers and create invoices. 

If you have any questions or you need further assistance to complete this step, please send us an email to support@linkfor.asia, or you can use our live chat assistant found at the bottom right corner of our website https://linkfor.asia/.

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