Approve Credit Note in Link4 for MYOB AR Users

How to Approve a Credit Note in Link4 for MYOB AR Users

 Credit Notes in Link4 ( MYOB AR Users) 

Credit Notes for MYOB AR can be sent in two ways

 a. Automatically enabled to send directly

With this option enabled, the credit notes will be directly sent to MYOB AR. The credit notes will appear in the "Returns & Debit" tab of your software, which can be accessed by clicking Purchases>Purchase Register.


You can then assign this refund to any of the open bills you desire to update. To do this follow these steps in your MYOB AR.

    1. Select the credit note you want to process

    2. Click  , this will open a window with a list of open bills associated with supplier that sent this credit settlement. Select the bill you wish to apply for this refund. 

    3. Enter the amount from the credit note sent by your supplier in the Applied section as shown below.


    4. Once you have completed steps 1 through 3. Click "Record" . This will register your debit refund/apply your credit note.

    b. Manually verifying before sending them to your accounting software 

          1. To access the Credit Notes

          The users can get list of all the credit notes sent to them by their suppliers by clicking the Credit Notes menu as show in the image below.



The credit note page 

    a. The credit notes that are yet to be sent to accounting software will have pink background  

    2. To send the credit note to your MYOB AR

Click on the send button to push your credit note to your MYOB AR accounts. Once this is done,

    3. Login to your MYOB AR and repeat steps in section (a)