Allocate a Different Account to Each Line Item in Link4

Allocate a Different Account to Each Line Item in Link4

If you come across a supplier that issues multiple expense categories in 1 invoice, you can allocate the appropriate account to each line item in Link4, by following the steps below: 

1. Log in to your Link4 account 

2. First, make sure that your settings for Reviewing and Approving an invoice is ON.
2a. Go to Settings > Settings > Approval.
2b. Under "Purchases", enable Review and Approval process before the invoice gets delivered to your accounting software by selecting "Yes", then click "Save Changes".

3. When you received an invoice and you're ready to review it. Go to '"My Purchases" tab. Click on the invoice invoice number.

4. Click on "Edit Invoice" located at the top right corner. 

5. In this page, you will be able to select different accounts for each line item. 

6. Once you're done with the changes you require, go back to "My Purchases" tab and click "Approve", this will then be sent to your accounting software. 

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